Us in a Nutshell


Our urban home is transforming into a good ole homestead, right before our eyes.  We do it all from foraging edible weeds, gardening, concocting all sorts of recipes, teaching classes and learning along the way as we live & love life full-throttle with the kids' endless drive.


Most days we've mastered going where inspiration guides us.  We embrace living in the moment, which comes in pretty handy because we have a lot of life happenings balancing chronic health conditions & extensive allergies.  Each day is what we choose to make of it, so we focus on the good moments as much as possible.

Our two kids are 14 (the Invisible One) & 9 (the Charmer).  Our oldest has a love of computer coding, gaming, cooking & baking, volunteering & doing lights at our local community theater and reading anything they can get their hands on.

The Charmer (Nora) greets each day with a running start and most days outlasts the Energizer Bunny.  She loves, loves, loves anything to do with art, animals, nature, piano, Parkour & wrestling.  She equally loves all sorts of bags, shoes, scarves and tutus.  At 8, Nora started her own biz, Rest Your Head (tab at top). Both kiddos have a wicked sense of humor and mad skills at keeping us on our toes.

I've discovered that crafting is highly addictive and re-sparked my love of photography trying to catch all the awesome projects we delve into.  I’m also really digging into the whole foraging for wild edibles thing, making our own lotions, salves & remedies with medicinal herbs and being frugal on the homestead.  I teach classes/workshops & do guided walks.  And I launched my herbal product line, Whimsical WhatsIts, in November 2019.


My wonderful other half is a teacher by day, so learning happens all the time, even when the kids think they're just playing & chilling.  He loves gaming, cooking and sharing his twist on both with the kids in between working, chauffeuring & doing his doctorate!


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