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Flower & Gem Essences

Essences are holistic remedies that carry powerful yet gentle & subtle vibrational energy of individual flowers, plants &/or gems for emotional, spiritual, and mental imbalances


Rose Quartz Moon Essence

Imbued during Beaver New Moon 

~Rose helps with dualities both gentle & firm. Keeping your heart open & having healthy boundaries. 

~ Clear Quartz is an amplifier (helps as reset, neutralizer). 

~ New Moon is about setting intentions/goals, starting new, planting "seeds".


Tulip Poplar Essence

~Tulip Poplar embraces our vulnerabilities reassuring us that we have a safe space to be nurtured, have room to develop, breathe & grow into our new stages.

~Sun brings strength, determination, warmth, energy & clear will


Crepe Myrtle Essence

~White Crepe Myrtle blends together feminine & masculine energies of strength, courage & grace to help in speaking with a clear voice, expressing suppressed feelings & injustices, reconnecting to the Divine & dancing with life


Redbud Amethyst Essence

New moon vibes

~Redbud reminds us that we are loved as we are, unconditionally

~Amethyst is a protector of self; calming stress/anxiety, clearing headspace, reassuring

~New Moon is for setting goals, starting new, planting "seeds" to grow


Winter Solstice Essence

~Pine provides persistence, inner joy

~Cedar helps to ground, resilience

~Clear Quartz is an amplifier (helps as reset, neutralizer), outlook clarity & optimism

~ Winter Solstice reminds us to rest & recharge embracing a peaceful solitude

Hibiscus Essence

~Red Zinger Hibiscus builds us up from the ground with a solid foundation to weather life's droughts reminding us that we can be strong through struggles and seek beauty, love & compassion from the smallest things that show us love & compassion

Zinnia Moon Essence

Bathed in the Hunter Moon

~Zinnia reignites the inner child to bring balance to work with a joyous, light heart ready for adventure weathering all types of challenges.

~Full Moon invites us to let go of the past, things that no longer serve us & make room for new opportunities to light our inner light shine.


Heart Soul Essence

~Calendula invokes emotional resiliency & sturdiness, helps us to listen & communicate in ways that are healing

~California Poppy calms stress, anxiety, restless seeking & addiction, soothing soul consciousness