Super-charged Gill Tea

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

In the process of moving recipes from my old blog, I ran across this one for Gill Tea. Perfect timing as Lil Miss is sick today. The Elderberry Syrup's been going for days and we thought it was clearing up, only to have a fever pop up overnight.

My little budders have been battling head colds the last few days and just when it seemed they were on the mend the congestion hit hard. So, we're pulling out everything we've got hitting it harder. When Lil Miss's sinuses get clogged, they back up into her eyes. Horribly uncomfortable as you can imagine, especially for a 5 year-old. She's been such a trooper with needing her eyes de-gunked in the morning so she can open them, nasal irrigations, hot teas, cure-all remedy laying still for herbal eye compresses. Vaughn's been preferring the neti-pot, cure-all remedy, steamy showers with our essential oil sinus bombs & helping concoct the hot teas. Today's choice of tea is an old one that we put our twist on - Gill Tea. We happened upon this one when researching uses for the Ground Ivy (Glechoma Hederacea) that was growing abundantly in our yard in the Spring. Ground Ivy is a great source of Vitamin C for an immune boost & has antihistamine properties, which is what initially drew my attention to this wonderful "weed".

"Ground ivy was highly regarded for its medicinal value. The juice of the plant acted as a diuretic, astringent and diaphoretic making it especially useful for sinus congestion and headaches. Gill tea acted as an expectorant and was a popular remedy for coughs and consumption as well as whooping cough, bronchial catarrh and asthma." ~Kathy Turcotte excerpt from Weed Wanderings.

At one point, I started to doubt the effectiveness of our apothecary. Usually within a day or two, we've knocked out whatever comes our way for germs, but not this time. This one snuck in on us, so we didn't crack open the apothecary as soon as we otherwise would have.

Knowing who shared the germs and seeing how their symptoms progressed even with conventional over-the-counter treatment reassured me that our approach is definitely working and what's best for us, especially since allergies steered us this way. A great resource with more info on Ground Ivy is Eat The Weeds. You'll definitely want to bookmark both sites!

Super-charged Gill Tea


2-3 TBS dried ground ivy

2 TBS dried chamomile

1TBS dried plantain seed heads

Place herbs into a 1/2 gallon mason jar. Pour boiling water over herbs & cover. Let steep for at least 15 minutes. Strain & drink hot.

The ground ivy is a bit bitter & strong for some. Adding honey &/or lemon juice helps to tame it. We added chamomile for an extra punch at the colds. It also helps ease tension, restlessness, stomach irritability. Plantain soothes coughs, asthma, lung & bronchial infections, and provides hay fever relief. It is also used for respiratory problems that involve mucous congestion as it depresses the secretion of mucous.

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