Embracing Social Outings, Our Way

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Fall was a busy time for us to practice embracing social outings & managing our 4 year old son's diet.  We went to our son's first Fall Festival at his preschool, which included a bake sale.  We decided to take the opportunity to participate with the bake sale by making cupcakes that our son could eat, as well as anybody else there with special diet needs or a curiosity about the "hypo-allergenic" goodies!  In preparation, we also wrote up an ingredient list to be visible with the cupcakes, so any one with questions could easily see what was in them.

We went into the event only expecting to "sell" a cupcake to our son & maybe one other child we knew had allergies.  The next morning, we were pleasantly surprised to hear that ALL the cupcakes sold & even had compliments.  That was extremely encouraging for us.  And the best part, of course, was seeing our son enjoy all aspects of the event!

The next event we attended was a great moment for our son to share.  We went to a hay ride & bonfire gathering that included pot luck dishes for dinner/dessert.  We had heard of another family attending that recently found out that their sons also needed to be on a special diet with some of the same "no-no" foods.  We made another batch of the cupcakes & took them, making sure to let the parents know what was in them.  While it's hard to hear of anyone else having to deal with diet restrictions, it felt good that we could actually share some of our food & not just be bringing it for our son.  Our son was so excited about others being able to eat some of his food that he insisted on telling the other children about the cupcakes & was delighted when he saw them being inhaled.

I must say my proudest moment was the last birthday party we attended.  The cake was put down at toddler level with all the kids crowding around wanting to see & be the first to grab some - once the obligatory singing was done.  It was a highly grab-able worthy cake, too! I, very anxiously, stood back deciding to give our son some more independence.  Wondering how he'd react with me not in his line-of-sight, but staying where I could react quickly if needed.  

He showed a marvelous amount of restraint, kept his hands clasping each other in front of his belly the whole time!  He did not even try to reach out to touch the cake, even when the hostess said the kids could take off & eat the decorative frosting figures on top.  Later, when several adults offered him some of the "forbidden" cake & ice cream, he quickly replied, " No thank you.  I have a special diet."  I couldn't have been more proud of him than I was in those moments.  I can only hope that it lasts for his health's sake.

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