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Supporting small entrepreneurs is very important to me. Sharing the love & support for someone that I know is a big part of what makes my heart sing. It is so much more pleasing to know my dollars go towards helping that person support their family in a very real, down-to-earth way that also feeds their passion, instead of shopping at the big box stores.

I'm honored to share with you some of my favorites & am sure you'll be pleased to find treasures for anyone on your shopping list, even yourself!

Green Heart Awakening

Located in the heart of Pendleton, SC,  Green Heart Awakening offers nature-inspired wellness for mind, body, and spirit. In Melissa’s store, there are more than 100 organic bulk herbs, spices, and teas as well as a variety of goods for natural health and natural living, including essential oils, CBD oil, and incense. Items are sourced locally whenever possible.

In the studio, you’ll find yoga, Tai Chi, Zumba, herbal education, plant-based cooking classes, and more. Free monthly gatherings include a La Leche League meeting, a family music night, and a women’s moon circle.

Tea pots, tumblers, and infusers make great gifts! And if you’re in the mood for something a little more personal, why not buy bulk herbs and build your own teas? You can gift them in a Mason jar tied with a bow. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful present?

In addition to her website, you can also find her on facebook and instagram. If you’re in the Pendleton area, why not stop in for a cup of tea and chat?

Golden Forest Farm

This is a small family farm in Abbeville, SC that grows nutritious food for their family as well as the Upstate of SC. They are spray-free & all about permaculture. In season, you can find them at the Travelers Rest Farmers Market or catch them with their new CSA deliveries!

They also make the cutest wooden jewelry and other small crafts under Naughty Mabel.

You can find them on their farm website, Naughty

Mabel's area and on Facebook for the farm here and

for Naughty Mabel here

Krafty Twins & Doubles

Krafty Twins & Doubles has been in business

about 10 years. They make items for the kitchen

and special order Memory Bears. Their holiday

special for this season is a set of Large Potholder

Mitts in Holiday fabric for $7 (regular price $10)

Please contact us with 1 or 2 of the shown fabric

choices below and we will get them to you.

From top to bottom:

1) Cardinal

2) Old Fashioned tree

3) Green plaid

4) Green leaves with red berries

5) mittens

You can explore more at their website or on Insta. Please message them if you'd like to order or have any questions!

Route 7 Nomad

The best stories have great beginnings... Mine began on Route 7. Route 7 in Easley, SC, actually. The Upstate region of South Carolina has always been my home. I have deep roots here, and I love this area - up to the mountains and down to the beaches. I take inspiration from the geographic and cultural diversity in our area, and I hope you can find something here that will seem familiar. You can find me wandering the Upstate in my mobile shop - my sky blue converted transit bus, inside at a local store or craft fair venue, or online. And although I may roam, Route 7 will always be my home. ~Heather (owner)

Heather is offering 20% off stainless steel diffuser

jewelry through December 15, 2019! You can find

her this Saturday (Nov. 30th) at Ninja Warrior

Coffee's small business Saturday event from 9-3.

She's also on Facebook here or on Insta here.

Rows & Roses

Rows & Roses is your one stop fiberworks shop!

Owned and operated by Sati, Rows & Roses

opened its doors in 2011 as a tiny crochet

business. Since then, Sati has added knitting,

weaving, yarn dying, yarn spinning, and fleece

processing, as well as writing patterns &

teaching classes. Here you’ll find everything your yarny heart desires, from beaded lace-weight shawls, to stocking stuffers, to kitchen goods, to gift certificates for one-on-one crochet classes. Rows & Roses runs specials throughout the year, takes custom orders, and stocks the shop frequently.

Most recently Sati has added weaving to the list with a new rigid heddle loom. She's also a pattern tester for WeCrochet.com and has plans in the future to open up an actual brick and mortar location.

Be sure to stop in and find the yarn creation of your dreams! You can find Sati's marvelous creations on her website shop, Insta, Facebook & Pinterest

Brock Glenn

Brock works out of Heart of Time Tattoo studio located in Seneca, SC. He does amazing tattoo work, specializing in black and grey, script work, and stippling (dot work.)

You can find him on Facebook, on IG, or

text him at (864)723-6385 to get your ink on!

Rock Hill Farm

Rocky Hill Farm was established in 2017 and is

founded on the principles of traditional organic

gardening, food not yards, and adaptive lifestyle

choices. I have recently registered the Farm with

the National Wildlife Federation as a Certified

Wildlife Habitat. From the ground below my feet

to the universe above, we're all in this together.

Whether playing with my aging horse or spending time with my aging companion dog, gardening, beekeeping, food preservation, working in the yard - all are done for therapeutic purposes and to help me along on my spiritual Path. Having a mental disability is challenging but being engaged outdoors (whenever possible) on this small patch of land I call home, even in small ways, holds the promise of a meaningful quality of life. ~Meri

All proceeds from sales are used for food and upkeep for my horse and my dog. I literally don't know how I would survive without them.

You can learn more about Meri & Rock Hill Farm and her offerings in her Facebook group. She's the bees knees, y'all!!!

Rest Your Head (pillows by Nora)

Nora, is my 8 year-old daughter. She was smitten with making pillows over the summer & has turned it into her own business! She's a whiz on the sewing machine & loves picking out fabrics. Nora makes small snuggly pillows, tooth fairy pillows & pocket pillows that are ideal for a book or device!

You can find Nora at the small business event in

Easley, SC at Ninja Warrior Coffee on Saturday,

Nov. 30th. This will be her 5th event of the

season, surprising to her parents that she's

keeping it up!

And last, but not least, lil ol' me officially launching my herbal product line...

Whimsical WhatsIts/Our Budding Life

Owned and operated by herbalist Kristy (that's me). I offer classes, workshops & walks for those that want to learn more about wild plants that are edible & medicinal. The new herbal product line, Whimsical WhatsIts has offerings for whole body wellness with elderberry syrups, nourishing balms, first-aid kits & so much more.

As a wild plant enthusiast and herbalist, I have a special love for teaching and sharing my knowledge about plants through classes & workshops. My unique products make great additions to gift baskets for the natural, health-conscious loved one on your list!

I'll be launching my herbal product line,

Whimsical WhatsIts at the small business Saturday

(Nov. 30th) event in Easley, SC at Ninja Warrior

Coffee. You can check out my offerings ahead of

time at my website. I'm also on Facebook &


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