I am 9 years old & started sewing over the summer of 2019.  All of my pillows & eye wraps are cotton flannel.  I sew on machine & hand-sew the last side after stuffing with poly-fil.  Available fabrics & sizes are listed below. Follow along with updates at my Facebook page, Rest Your Head.  Pillows are available for local pickup.  You can place your order below.  Please include the fabric name, size & aroma (for eye wraps) on the form in the comments box.

Aromatherapy Eye Wraps  $5

~~ New fabrics coming Spring 2021~~

Eye wraps are filled with flax seeds, rice & essential oils.  Great heated or cold!  Heat at 30 second intervals until reaching the desired heat.  Flax helps retain moisture & how long it will stay warm.

Scents from top to bottom:

Sweet Orange - Cats & Pumpkins, Fox & tree

Lavender - Llamas, Narwhals with wreaths

Peppermint - Dinosaurs, Santa heads

Pillows     $5 - $15

Halloween Llamas: 2 large squares, 2 small squares

Halloween Cats & Pumpkins:  2 large squares, 2 small rectangle, 1 small square

Halloween Dinosaurs: 2 large squares,  2 small square

Halloween/Day of the Dead Skulls: 2 large teal squares with pockets, 2 large skulls with teal pockets, 3 small rectangles, 3 small squares

Unicorns: 1 small rectangle, 4 small squares

Solar System: 2 large squares with orange pockets, 3 small squares, 2 small rectangles

Clemson colors: 2 large squares purple with orange pockets, 1 small rectangle

Hippos, elephants, alligators:  1 small rectangle

Nursery Rhymes: 1 small rectangle, 3 small squares

Hands & Feet:  1 small rectangle, 4 small squares

2 Tooth Fairy, pink mermaid

2 Tooth Fairy, blue with red pocket

Winter Snowmen:  3 large squares with green pockets, 1 small rectangle, 2 small squares

Blue Geometric Pattern: 1 large square blue with pattern pocket, 1 large square pattern with blue pocket, 2 small rectangles, 3 small squares

Winter Woodland Critters: 1 large square green with woodland pocket, 5 small squares

Winter Fox & Tree: 2 large squares, 1 small rectangle, 3 small squares

Winter Santa Heads: 2 large squares, 1 small rectangle, 1 small square

Winter Narwhal with Wreath: 2 large squares, 1 small rectangle, 2 small squares

Winter North Pole Critters:  2 small rectangles, 2 small squares

Unicorn Cats: 1 small rectangle, 2 small square

1 small square birds & blooms

1 small rectangle, rosebuds

Sample bookmark matching fabric

Sample bookmark matching fabric



Tooth Fairy, small (6")                 $5

Square, small (7")                       $5

Rectangle, small (6"x10")           $6

Square, large (18")                     $12

Square, large w/ pocket (18")    $15

Aromatherapy Eye Wraps     $5



Sweet Orange

Bookmarks                               $1

8 inch for chapter books or 11 inch for bigger ones

Measurements are approximations

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