Whimsical WhatsIts is a locally crafted, small-batch herbal product line in Easley SC.  Herbalist, Kristy Williams, launched Whimsical WhatsIts in November 2019.  Kristy grows many of the plants used in her wild & cultivated gardens, forages locally & supports local farms whenever possible.  

Currently orders are available for local pickup or delivery in the Easley area.  Orders can be placed using the form below.  Please list items in the comment box including quantity, size & aroma as noted on page.  Don't see something you want/need? Contact Kristy for availability.  If she doesn't have it, she's happy to work with you.



























































































































Pain Bomb Balm

First Aid Salve

Mint or Healing 

Refresh Facial Cream               1 oz  $8

Nourishing Cream                    4 oz  $15

SOS Cream             2 oz $8 or  4 oz  $15

Extreme Cream     2.5 oz $9 or 4 oz  $15

Peppermint Cacao     2.5 oz or 4 oz

Sugar & Spice            2.5 oz or 4 oz

Allergy Ease

Ashwagandha NEW

Beautyberry Leaf NEW

Bee Balm NEW

Bee Propolis NEW

Blackberry Root NEW


Blue Vervain NEW

Borage NEW

Burdock NEW

Calendula NEW

California poppy NEW


Chickweed NEW


Dandelion root

Echinacea NEW


Elecampane NEW


Forsythia NEW



Ground Ivy NEW


Hibiscus NEW

Honeysuckle NEW


Lemon Balm 

Linden NEW

Lion's Mane NEW

Marshmallow NEW

Milky Oats 


Motherwort NEW

Nettles, stinging 


Pine NEW


Purple Dead Nettle NEW


Red Clover 


Sassafras Leaf NEW

St John's Wort NEW


Self-heal NEW

Smartweed NEW

Spider Bite

Sumac NEW

Sweetgrass NEW

Tulip Poplar NEW


Usnea NEW


White Oak 

Wild Lettuce NEW

Witch Hazel NEW

Wood Betony NEW


Anti-itch Rub (1 oz)                   $8

Antiseptic Spray (1/2 oz)          $5

Bug Repel (2 oz)                        $9

Drawing Out Powder (1 oz)      $7

Magnesium Spray (8 oz)           $12

Headache Roller (10 ml)           $5

Sunglow Spritz (1/2 oz)             $5

Styptic Powder (1/4 oz)             $4

First-Aid Kit                                 $22

(kit includes: Antiseptic Spray, Drawing Out Powder,

Headache Roller, Styptic Powder, Healing Balm-stick

& Canvas Tote)

Elderberry Syrup

plain or spiced

8 oz           $12-$15

16 oz         $21-$25

32 oz         $45-$50

Gift baskets     $25 - $60

Wicker baskets are an ideal gift whether for wildcrafter, forager, herbalist or gardener. These sweet baskets will be filled with a variety of Whimsical WhatsIts goodies.  Baskets are made to order unless otherwise noted.

Small Care Basket  $25 

Includes - 2.5 oz sugar scrub, 1 sunglow spritz, 6 handmade face scrubbies & 2 lip balms all inside a wicker basket. Colors may vary from picture.

Includes - all small basket items, handmade aromatherapy eye wrap, headache roller, pain bomb balm, 2 handmade washcloths, 1 handmade soap saver (doubles as a face scrubby holder) all inside a wicker basket.  Colors may vary from picture.

Includes - healing balm, headache roller, aromatherapy snuggler, herbal tea blend for drinking &/or bath, 2 handmade washcloths all inside a wicker basket.  Colors may vary from picture.

Sugar Scrubs     $5 & $8

Creams     $8 - $15

Wellness     $5 - $22

Soothing Basket   $30

Large Care Basket   $60

Lip Balms     $4.00

Tinctures start at $10

Syrups     $12 - $50

Balms/Salves 2 oz      $10.00

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Wild Cherry

Cough Syrup

4 oz          $8

8 oz          $15

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